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Free note taking service

Synch phone and computer

Free Email service from Google

Google Maps, for the directionally challenged

Google Bookmarks


Katherine Bacon
Katherine Bacon - The Best of the Best
Rob Moore MP
Rob Moore - MP for Fundy Royal


Send money or buy online with Paypal

Bank of Nova Scotia Online Banking

MBNA Mastercard Account Management


CHNI -- FM 88.9 -- Rogers Saint John News

CBD -- FM 91.3 -- CBC Radio One, Saint John

CHSJ -- FM 94.1 -- Country and News

CINB -- FM 96.1 -- Contemporary Christian Radio

CHWV -- FM 97.3 -- Top 40

CJYC -- FM 98.9 -- Big John Radio

CIOK -- FM 100.5 -- K100 Radio


Sun News Network

Info Wars


Leo Laporte's Incredible NetCast Network

Libertarian Talk Radio

Because there's a war on for your mind

Curry & Dvorak - De-Bunking Media

Magician Penn Jillette shares the Libertarian perspective

Actor, Comedian, MMA Fighter, and a fellow Libertarian

Comedian Patrick Melton

Comedian / Author Keith and Singer / Songwriter Chemda.


What the Internet is talking about right now

A Directory of Wonderful Things




It's not news, it's "fark.com"

Rob Cockerham presents "cockeyed.com"

Myths and Legends confirmed or denied




Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia

Internet Movie Data Base -- Earths Biggest Movie Database


Streaming Movie and TV content

Streaming Movie and TV content

Works best in Google Chrome and Older DIVX

1 Channel

US Streaming Television

Get a USA IP address for Hulu


Broadcast Yourself
You Tube -- Broadcast Yourself
Funny Videos and Pics
College Humor
College Humor


Toronto Classic Rock

Handel on the Law, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Leo Laporte

Bill & Rebecca Goldsmith, from Paradise, California


Open source audio player

Open source audio editor and recorder


Open Source video player that just works.


Domain Registration

Hosting Services

Google Photo Editor

Dynamic DNS Service



Avast Anti-Virus -- MY 1st Choice for Free Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-Virus -- MY 2nd Choice for Free Anti-Virus

AD-AWARE (1 of the 5 essential spyware programs)

SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY (2 of the 5 essential spyware programs)

MALWAREBYTES (3 of the 5 essential spyware programs)


Backup with one mouse click

Keeping your ISP's Honest

My 1st choice for VOIP and Chat

My 2nd choice for VOIP

Install dozens of utilities and programs from one place, in one step !!


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